we're more than just your MANAGER - we're your partner

Our Association Clients are equipped with a community website to help establish and strengthen communication in their neighborhood.  It also includes an email blast function which allows a mass email to be sent to all registered members.  This is a great tool for urgent reminders or for sending newsletters.  


Managing a community is difficult and complicated – attempting to self-manage or the wrong management company can make the experience much worse. 

We are here to help you.

We strive to be the mark of excellence so we welcome all community associations regardless of size.  To better understand your community we are available to meet with prospective clients to explain our services and custom design a management program that best suits your community’s needs- at no cost.






William D. Perry, founder of Paragon Realty Services, created one of the first community association management companies in Georgia in the late 1970's, since then his successful business grew just like this industry; rapidly.  He then quickly realized his is calling was in helping community associations navigate this complex side of real estate.  In 2006, after selling his first company he decided to take his vast knowledge of this industry and create a company based on what larger companies tend to forget; customer service focused company.

Britney Humphries, was born and raised in Georgia and studied computer science at Gainesville State College and later business administration at University of North Georgia.  She started at Paragon as an intern and grew within the company.  Passionate about real estate she enrolled in real estate courses and worked her way to become a real estate broker.  Today she oversees the operations of the company while managing the daily operations of her clients associations.  “We are always on the lookout for new inventive ways or new techniques that may improve our company or industry but we will stay true to and interlace our solid business foundations that we learn along the way.”  In her free time she enjoys the outdoors with her Husband, two children and Australian Sheppard.  Her family also spends time volunteering for their church and local non-profit companies.  “It started as a simple request for assistance during Christmas time.  We signed up at our church to help a family in need for Christmas.  Then to see how involved we all were in helping this family, we knew right then that we were on to something great”. 

Over the course of 10 plus years, we have developed an amazing team of brokers, agents and CAMs who help neighborhood communities preserve and increase their property values.  Purchasing real estate is the most single largest investment that most people will make in a life time; we are here to help preserve and increase your investment.  We are constantly improving our services and educating our team to keep a head of this demanding industry.  Our office is equipped with cutting edge, specially designed financial accounting software and management software that gives our company an advantage when managing associations.

Many real estate Brokers and agents got into this industry during the recession because of the slow housing market and had no actual knowledge on how to manage associations.  Our team is well-trained, educated and, we bring years of proven management experience to our clients and services.  Paragon has always been on this side of real estate and will continue increasing our knowledge of this ever changing and still rapidly growing industry.